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Miss Kira P's Partners:

Aspen Green


Cutler Bags


Daily Sports USA


Grand Geneva Resort & Spa


Epoch Eyewear


Oars & Alps


Oliver Thomas


Orange Whip Golf


Perfect Practice Golf


Rapsodo Golf


Sniper Golf Balls








Tifosi Optics




Our ultra-durable coolers, drinkware and bags are the pinnacle of performance and built for every-day use. Get the gear that performs when it matters most.

Tifosi Optics is the leading sport sunglass brand in running and cycling markets with robust golf, hiking and lifestyle collections.

Whatever your passion – be it golf, firearms or just dressing well, we offer the most exciting line of ratchet belts on the market today.

JadeYoga makes the world's best performing, most environmentally friendly yoga products and giving back to the earth with every product sold.

SwingJuice provides a community and a product that allows you to display your passion for golf in a more fun, unique and approachable way

Receive 20% off of SwingJuice Products with Promo Code: MISSKIRAP20

The Sniper Brand is building a reputation of quality and innovation behind all the products we offer.

Receive 10% off Sniper Brand with Promo Code: MissKiraP

From shot tracking to club gapping, the Rapsodo MLM is the only golf launch monitor that provides instant feedback with video replay.

Receive $100 off Rapsodo with Promo Code: misskirap. Until December 31, 2022 at 11:59 P.M.

Top golfing equipment and accessories for the modern golfer.

Receive 15% off Perfect Practice Golf with Promo Code: MISSKIRA

The Orange Whip Trainer. The Orange Ball replaces the club head and allows you to focus on swinging without worrying about the position of the clubface.

Receive 10% off Orange Whip Golf with Promo Code: misskirap8

Bags, Patches & Accessories to work with your fun lifestyle.

Coming Soon with Promo Code.

Oars and Alps is a grooming and skincare company that focuses on using natural ingredients rather than toxic stuff. 

Coming Soon with Promo Code.

Epoch Eyewear is a veteran owned sunglasses brand offering designer quality eyewear at an affordable price.

Receive 15% off Epoch Eyewear with Promo Code: Coming Soon

Grand Geneva Resort & Spa offers a full-service spa, golf courses, indoor fitness center, private villas, and more.

Daily Sports USA is a Swedish fashion company that designs, produces and sells sports clothes for women worldwide.

Receive 15% off Daily Sports USA with Promo Code: misskira. On all current styles.

Cutler Bags, the most fashionable golf bags of 2020, are designed for women who live and breathe fashion.

Receive 15% off Cutler Bags with Promo Code: misskirap. On all current styles.

Aspen Green’s USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil and Hemp is harvested exclusively on Organic farms in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, which are to hemp what Napa Valley is to wine. 3rd-party lab tests registered FDA, GMP, and ISO-certified facilities.

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