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Golf Influencer | Travel Influencer | Digital Content Creator – That’s me in a nutshell!

Miss Kira P at the LIV Golf Event

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Oh! You’re here now? Perfect! Allow me to take you on a little trip about me and what I love!

Passionate Golf Influencer

Golf has become my passion and lifestyle. I’m excited to share my golfing experiences, tips, and adventures with you. Join me on this incredible journey and let’s explore the world of golf together!

Adventurous Travel Influencer

Exploring the world is my passion, and I want to bring you along on every journey. Let’s discover amazing destinations together and create unforgettable travel experiences! Join me as we see the world one adventure at a time.

Creative Digital Content Creator

Delivering original, exciting, and intuitive content tailored for golf and travel enthusiasts! Dive into engaging videos, insightful blogs, and vibrant social media posts crafted to inspire and entertain you on your golf and travel journeys.

Kira On-Camera!

Explore my amazing gallery of memories from the finest golf courses I’ve played on. Dive into the visual journey of my golfing adventures and experience the beauty of these prestigious courses through my lens.

Miss Kira P and Greg Norman Photo
Liv Golf Orlando 2023

PGA Show 2023

Miss Kira P on the Range

Liv Golf Chicago 2023

LIV Golf Championship 2022 Miami

LIV Golf Chicago 2022

Ryder Cup 2021

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Pro Kettlebell: (Affiliated)

Pro Kettlebell is a brand that specializes in kettlebell fitness equipment. As someone who incorporates kettlebell training into my fitness routine, I have had the opportunity to try out Pro Kettlebell’s products, and I must say that they offer a solid option for those looking to engage in effective and versatile workouts. One of the…

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Prolon FMD: (Affiliated)

Prolon FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet) is a dietary program designed to provide the benefits of fasting while still providing essential nutrients to the body. As someone who has tried intermittent fasting and is interested in exploring different fasting methods, I decided to give Prolon FMD a try, and overall, I found it to be an…

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Rubberbanditz is a reputable brand that specializes in resistance bands and fitness accessories, catering to individuals looking for versatile and effective training tools. One of the standout features of Rubberbanditz is the quality and durability of its resistance bands. The bands are made from high-quality latex or latex-free materials, ensuring their ability to withstand repeated…