This page is all me! More in-depth, exciting and interesting context about who I am, and where my passion has taken me. You’ll get a very early insight into the start of my obsession with golf and travel!

I started my journey into the golf world when I started working at a media and marketing company that focused on golf and travel. I used to manage podcasts, online magazines, and social media content for the media company.

Not only did I handle the media, but I attended many different golf events across the United States including, PGA Show, Champions Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, PGA Tour, and now this year LIV Golf Tournaments. 

With a new and improved Instagram account filled with enriching content, reels, and videos from golf events attended, I managed to make following grow, whilst also deciding to take the first step into getting my first golf lesson on “Women’s Golf Day 2022” at the local golf course – Grand Geneva Resort & Spa located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

I’ve always remembered this phenomenal quote from a good friend – “Just remember to have fun and don’t overthink your golf swing”. Simple, yet impactful to the very core, that piece of advice has carried me through all my experiences, and I hope to pass this quote’s power into your golf life as well!

When the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) started a social media campaign called “#inviteher”, bringing girls and women to learn the great game of golf in 2019, the media company that I worked for, started a golf series on social media called, “Miss Kira Steps into Golf: 18+ 1 Series” to show girls and women the necessary steps to learn golf. At the PGA Show’s Media Center, I received notification from the LPGA they would like to extend an open invitation to any LPGA Tour event due to my promotion of #inviteher.

I’ve had the privilege of working and participating in many events and campaigns to uplift young talents into the sport. The list of events are endless, and so is my love for golf!

Miss Kira P.

 I’ve been training in the off-season with yoga, golf swinging practices, and practicing putting. I am more ready than ever, and have my new set of golf clubs ready for the 2023 season. I hope you’re ready too! Because you’re coming with!

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Followers Across YouTube, Facebook And Instagram.

Miss Kira P’s impressive social media following has had a significant impact on both partnerships and the aspiring golf community. Her engaging content and golf skills have earned her a huge following across various social media platforms.

This following has enabled her to secure partnerships with golf equipment and apparel companies, promoting their products to a wider audience. Furthermore, Miss Kira P’s social media presence has served as a source of inspiration for aspiring golfers. She regularly shares tips, techniques, and insights into the world of golf, encouraging and motivating her followers to improve their game. Her influence has helped to increase interest in the sport and create a supportive community for golf enthusiasts. 

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