Miss Kira P is a rising golf influencer on Instagram showing her followers her journey into learning golf. Miss Kira P’s mission statement is “Showing Anybody Can Start Learning Golf and to Remember to Always Have Fun Along the Journey”. Showing her followers the highs and lows of learning the great game of golf. 

Initially, Miss Kira P worked in the marketing and media side of the Golf industry. As she started her career in the Golf Industry as she developed a deep love for the community and learned more about the details of the golf world. As her career grew within the golf world she managed to create content for the industry including research for podcasts, hosting of podcasts, social media content, e-magazine, coverage of golf events, and her own Facebook Series called “Miss Kira Steps into Golf: 18+1 Series

When the LPGA created a campaign called “#inviterher” bringing females into learning the game of golf. In 2018 with the blessing from the LPGA, created a series with her media company called “Miss Kira Steps into Golf: 18+1 Series”, including videos learning all the necessary steps to getting into golf. The final video was to be taken place at the PGA Show at the Orange County Convention Center swinging a golf club.

Miss Kira attended many different golf events across the United States including PGA Show, Champions Tour, PGA Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, and Ryder Cup. Miss Kira’s media coverage at these events included live photos, live videos, crowd shots, press conferences, and interviews with professional golfers.

In about two years Miss Kira had to grow her Instagram from scratch as she was locked out of her old account. She had to rebuild her following and social content that was focused on golf, travel, and lifestyle photos and videos. As she started posting her past and present content of photos, reels, and videos from her journey into the golf world and learning golf too.

On “Women’s Golf Day 2022” Miss Kira P signed up for her first women’s golf clinic at Grand Geneva Resort and Spa. She was a mixed bag of emotions thinking about starting the journey but she remembered to always have fun and that everybody has to start somewhere. You can see her whole journey into learning golf on her Instagram and social media platforms.

After her first women’s golf clinic at Grand Geneva Resort and Spa, she was hooked on practicing her game. Attending women’s golf clinics and practicing the fundamentals into a good starting point for golf along with one-on-one lessons with a professional golfer. She makes a point to keep training on her putting, chipping, and golf swing any chance she gets even when it’s the off-season in the Midwest.

With a busy golf season, Miss Kira P has recently revamped her website with new content, blog posts, social media links, and anything you would like to know about Miss Kira P’s journey into learning golf. You can also get in touch with her by email or on her social media profiles.

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